Things To Consider For When Buying A Camper Cover

If you own any type of camper or RV, it is important that you cover it when not using it. A cover protects it from the elements. The sun can fade the paint, allow damage to the metal underneath, and cause any fiberglass and rubber to deteriorate. In addition, a good cover protects against rodent and insect infestation. However, you cannot just throw a tarp over the vehicle and expect it to be protected. Here are a few things you need to consider when shopping for camper covers.

Type of RV

A motorhome is structured differently than a travel trailer, which is different from a fifth wheel. To have the best protection, make sure you buy a cover designed for your type of RV. If you recently changed from one type to another, do not attempt to use the old cover on the new unit. You might consider selling your old cover or gifting it to a friend or even the new owner of your old RV. 

Local Climate

You need to consider the climate of where you store the RV when not in use. If you live in an area with a lot of rain, make sure to buy a cover that repels water. A sunny, hot climate needs a cover that will not crack or deteriorate with the sun and heat, and a cold climate needs one that will not crack due to cold temperatures. Different materials are available for covers to ensure they provide the proper protection. Talk with an RV salesperson to determine which material is best suited for your situation.


You want a camper cover that fits the unit as snuggly as possible for the best protection. If the cover is a bit big and can billow about in the wind, it is not keeping pests out. In addition, when it is windy, dirt, dust, and rain can blow up under a billowing cover. This will coat the camper and may scratch or damage the paint and exterior. Finally, a good wind may cause the cover to tear, rendering it pretty useless.

It is best to buy a camper cover that was designed for your specific RV. When contacting the company, discuss the different materials available. If they do not have something suited for your climate, contact a different company. If you still cannot find what you need, contact a company that will custom make a cover for you. It is that important that you have the right one for the best protection.

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