Use Your Diesel Truck For Various Things? You Should Use Live Tuning With Autocal

If you have a diesel truck that you use for various things, such as driving on the road, for towing, or driving on uneven terrain, you should be using live turning with autocal. Below is some information about what this is, as well as some tips on using this for your diesel truck. You can then decide if this is something you would like to do.

Live Tuning

Live tuning allows you to custom tune your truck. For example, if you need better torque, more horsepower, or increased MPG, you can use the live tuner to do this. You will notice your truck is much stronger and powerful.

The live tuner is both software and hardware. Once the hardware is installed the software connects to a port in your truck to give it access to your trucks control module. It then uses this module to make the tuning changes you request.

You can also use the live tuning to adjust other things, such as air and fuel ratios, fuel and boost maps, and many other things.

If you are towing something very large and heavy, you will notice a decrease in powerCummins 6.7 autocal in your diesel truck. Your brakes will also not be as strong. With live tuning, you will not have to worry about this because you can set it so that your truck has enough power to tow what you need. The live tuning also makes your brakes work better.


If you ever want to make any modifications to your diesel truck or you want to add another license so that you can tune a second truck, one option you have to do this is to use autocal. There is Flash Scan, which allows you to make these changes on your own. Autocal is much easier, however, as it makes all the changes for you, which will ensure everything is done correctly with all configurations made.

Autocal can also log data from the tunes that you create. You can have this data sent to your smartphone, tablet, laptop, computer, etc. You can then look later to see what configurations were set at that time.

Autocal is plugged into a port inside your truck, and then it is ready to go. You do not have to do anything to configure the software as everything is already set up for you.

Talk with a company that sells auto tuners, and they can give you much more information about them.

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