Choosing The Right Undercoating For Your Truck

Undercoating protects the underbelly of your truck from corrosion. Dirt, grime, salt, and moisture get trapped in the undercarriage, which eventually cause the bottom of your truck and its sides to rust. Many truck drivers believe that applying undercoating at the dealership is the best way to protect your vehicle from rusting. Some drivers believe that applying undercoating afterwards may not protect your truck. They believe that applying undercoating after driving the truck for a while may cause the truck to rust faster, because dirt, grime, moisture, salt get trapped in between the truck and the undercoating. While applying undercoating when the truck is new is a good idea, used trucks benefit from undercoating when done right. Drivers who believe that undercoating hurts used trucks, neglect to foresee any failures when applying the undercoat. There are several steps that need to be taken before applying undercoating to a used truck. If not followed properly that can lead to issues with corrosion. When done properly, undercoating will make your used truck last for many years to come without rusting.

How to Apply Undercoating to Used Trucks?

Before applying undercoating to the underside of a used truck, you or an experienced professional will need to spend some time prepping the truck. Start by cleaning the underside of the truck with a pressure washer. Also use a degreaser to remove dirt trapped in oil. If you find rust underneath your truck, when applying a degreaser, you will need to remove the rust before applying undercoating. You can use a grinder and sandpaper to strip away any rust found underneath your truck. To create a smooth surface before applying the undercoating, paint and prime the underside of your truck. When all of these steps are completed successfully, finally apply the undercoating.

Different Types of Undercoating

There are different types of undercoating. When looking for the best undercoating for trucks, you should consider the following:

  • Rubberized undercoating provides a soft, rubbery finish. Another advantage of rubberized undercoating is its ability to act as soundproofing.
  • Water based undercoating is easy to apply. It is one of the most used undercoating from drivers who prefer to do their own undercoating. You may need to reapply water based undercoating more frequently than any other undercoating. Water based undercoating is easy to apply and dries quickly. It is an environmentally friendly undercoating.
  • Wax based undercoating is water repellent. It creates a thin and waxy film when it dries, and it does not harden completely. One of the advantages of wax based undercoating is that it does not drip. The wax also fills up any grooves and cracks in the underside of the car. Wax based undercoating may be difficult to remove.
  • Petroleum/oil based undercoating protects better against salt, grime and water. Oil undercoating will not chip. Oil undercoating is best done by a professional. Oil undercoating may need to be reapplied every year.
  • Asphalt based undercoating is one of the strongest undercoating types available for trucks. It lasts longer than other types of undercoating. For vehicles used in difficult terrain, asphalt coating may be the best option as it handles well against rocks and dirt. It is also the thickest undercoating.

The bottom line, if you really enjoy your truck, you want to make sure it is taken care of as much as possible. You will want to do your research and maybe even talk to an experience professional about what the best undercoating for your truck is. This will help you keep your truck in good shape for many years to come.

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Undercoating protects the underbelly of your truck from corrosion. Dirt, grime, salt, and moisture get trapped in the undercarriage, which eventually