4 Rules Of Keeping The Interior Of Your New Corvette In Good Condition

It is a name that stands above others where domestic vehicles are concerned: Corvette. This car has been around since 1953, and it is one of the few domestic models that has stuck around for any long span of time, but it is obvious to see why that is the case. The Corvette is a status symbol in itself; a piece of American history. If you buy a brand-new Corvette for your own driving enjoyment, you will want to keep it in like-new condition for as long as possible. Here are four rules to keep the interior of your new Corvette in good condition. 

1. Invest in good floor mats to protect the flooring. - Floor mats are incredibly important to the interior of a vehicle. They prevent whatever is on the bottom of your shoes from getting smashed into the carpeted flooring. Look for high-end floor mats for your Corvette that have rubber grips on the bottom to keep them in place, but also look for Corvette floor mats that are easy to keep clean. 

2. Always use a sun shield when your car is parked. - Sun shields stretch across the front windshield to prevent UV rays from directly hitting the car's interior and raising the internal temperature. Hot temperatures can break down vinyl surfaces, dry out leather and make it brittle, and even disfigure plastic. Never park your Vette without using a sun shield to provide that extra protection. 

3. Consider tinting your windows. - Tinted windows are always considered as something for aesthetic purposes, but tinted windows can help your car in other ways. For example, your car is less likely to be vandalized if people cannot see what is inside. Plus, tint can be UV-protective, so it also helps keep those damaging sun rays away. 

4. Vacuum your Corvette on a regular basis. - No matter how clean you are or how careful you are, dust and dirt can accumulate inside of a vehicle. You can often pick up traces of road dirt, for example, if you drive with your windows down. Make sure you vacuum the car regularly to prevent this debris from leaving stains, sticky residue, or anything else in your new car. 

The day you drive off the lot with a brand-new Corvette can feel like a dream. Keep that dream alive by working hard to keep your car interior protected. Check with an auto accessory shop for more protective ideas for your new ride. 

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